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Gabriel Craig: The Practice of Smith Shop Detroit

In his lecture, “The Practice of Smith Shop Detroit,” (delivered May 28, 2016) Gabriel Craig speaks about his own artistic work in metalsmithing, his collaborative practice, and the work of the Smith Shop Detroit, an organization that he co-runs with Amy Weiks. Smith Shop is a craft-centric metalworking studio based in Detroit, Michigan that specializes in the custom fabrication of gold, silver, copper, brass and steel as well as limited-production wholesale runs ranging from jewelry to architectural hardware. Smith Shop also offers classes, workshops, and private lessons.

Zoom Milwaukee (May 25 – 29, 2016) was a 4-day symposium on craft and innovation hosted by the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee’s Jewelry and Metalsmithing program. Over 250 makers, writers, and innovators came together to discuss the future of craft in 10 lectures and 27 workshops. The Chipstone Foundation was a proud sponsor of the Zoom symposium.

Gabriel Craig and Amy Weiks form the Detroit-based artist team who operate full time as Smith Shop. Craig is a nationally renowned metalsmith, writer and craft activist.

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