The mission of The Chipstone Foundation is to promote and enhance appreciation and knowledge of American material culture (emphasizing the decorative arts) by scholars, students and the general public. By:
  1. Establishing relationships and affiliations with such persons and institutions whose activities relate to our Mission;
  2. Maintaining a center at the Chipstone Foundation premises in Fox Point, Wisconsin concentrating on the study of American material culture;
  3. Preserving the collections of American furniture, American historical prints and early English ceramics initially assembled by Stanley Stone and Polly M. Stone, and enhancing this collection by acquiring objects of the highest aesthetic quality, historical significance and interpretative possibility related to the fields in which the Chipstone Foundation collections have been concentrated;
  4. Maintaining a stable, secure environment for the Foundation’s collections;
  5. Publishing scholarly works devoted to the subject of American material culture with emphasis on the decorative arts, and encouraging the dissemination of learned articles and information in the field; and  
  6. Creating innovative exhibitions, digital projects and teaching opportunities to amplify the impact of our Mission.