Ceramics in America 2024

New York City in the Era of Thomas Commeraw
Leslie M. Harris

Putting Thomas Commeraw Together Again: A Brief Meditation on Two Decades of Research
A. Brandt Zipp

Making a Commeraw Jar with Free-Standing Handles
Mark Shapiro

Origins and Evolution of the Early American Oyster Jar
Chris Pickerell

Collecting Commeraw
Margi Hofer and Allison Robinson

Slave Candlesticks: Illuminating British Patronage and Racism in the Mid-Eighteenth Century
Patricia F. Ferguson

La Peinture: The Rediscovery of George and Martha Washington’s Presidential Biscuit Porcelain Figures and their Incredible Provenance
Cassandra A. Good and Adam T. Erby

About Face Vessels
Robert Hunter

New Findings of Figural Porcelains that Feature Characters from Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin
Jill Weitzman Fenichell

A Worcester Parian Figure of Little Eva Reading the Bible to Uncle Tom
Ronald W. Fuchs II

Perish Slavery Prosper Freedom
Robert Hunter

A Rare “Colored Republicing Club” Cooler
C. Wesley Cowan and Stephen C. Compton

Squirrel Iconography on Early Delftware: The Genesis of a Ceramic Collection
Al Luckenbach