Ceramics in America 2001

Editorial Statement
Robert Hunter

Robert Hunter

Potsherds and Pragmatism: One Collector’s Perspective
Ivor Noël Hume

Magical, Mythical, Practical, and Sublime: The Meanings and Uses of Ceramics in America
Ann Smart Martin

European Ceramics in the New World: The Jamestown Example
Beverly Straube

“The Usual Classes of Useful Articles”: Staffordshire Ceramics Reconsidered
David Barker

Dots, Dashes, and Squiggles: Early English Slipware Technology
Michelle Erickson and Robert Hunter

Slip Decoration in the Age of Industrialization
Donald Carpentier and Jonathan Rickard

How Creamware Got the Blues: The Origins of China Glaze and Pearlware
George L. Miller and Robert Hunter

American Queensware—The Louisville Experience, 1829–1837
Diana and J. Garrison Stradling

An Adventure with Early English Pottery
Troy D. Chappell, collector

New Discoveries

New Discoveries - Introduction
Merry Abbitt Outlaw

Journey of Discovery: A Retrospective
Charlotte Wilcoxen

The Double Dish Dilemma
Jacqueline Pearce and Beverly Straube

A Rediscovery at The New-York Historical Society
Margaret K. Hofer

Seventeenth-Century Donyatt Pottery in the Chesapeake
Taft Kiser

All in the Family: A Staffordshire Soup Plate and the American Market
Robert Hunter and George L. Miller

Industrial Pottery in the Old Edgefield District
Carl Steen

A Spectacular Find at the Joseph Gregory Baynham Pottery Site
Mark M. Newell

Enoch Wood Ceramics Excavated in Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent
Catherine Banks

A Warner House Search…
Joyce Geary Volk

... And the Find!
Louise Richardson

Eighteenth-Century Stoneware Kiln of William Richards Found on the Lamberton Waterfront, Trenton, New Jersey
Richard Hunter

Book Reviews

The Longridge Collection of English Slipware and Delftware
Review by John C. Austin

John Dwight’s Fulham Pottery, Excavations 1971–79
Review by Norman F. Barka

“I made this jar . . .” The Life and Works of the Enslaved African-American Potter, Dave
Review by Meta F. Janowitz

Spode’s Willow Pattern and Other Designs After the Chinese
Review by Patricia M. Samford

The Liverpool Porcelain of William Reid: A Catalogue of Porcelain and Excavated Shards
Review by Janine E. Skerry

Godden’s Guide to Ironstone, Stone, & Granite Wares
Review by Jean Wetherbee

A Passion for Pottery: Further Selections from the Henry H. Weldon Collection
Review by Elizabeth Gusler