Ceramics in America 2016

Editorial Statement
Robert Hunter

Robert Hunter

George Thorpe's Inventory of 1624: Virginia's Earliest Known Appraisal, with photo essay Ceramics in Early Virginia
Article by Martha W. McCartney, photo essay by Beverly Straube

Norwalk (Connecticut) Slip-script Pottery, the Potters, and Related Ware
Richard Miller

The Allegory of Europa in Twentieth-Century American Sculpture
Tom Folk

Throwing the Potter's Wheel (and Women) Back into Modernism: Reconsidering Edith Heath, Karen Karnes, and Toshiko Takaezu as Canonical Figures
Ezra Shales

"The most dangerous imitations": A Group of Spurious Chinese Export Porcelain Decorated with Fame and the American Eagle
Ellen Archie, Ronald W. Fuchs II, Jennifer Mass, and Erich Uffelman

A Chinese Export Porcelain Mystery Solved Using Intensive Surface Analysis
Shirley M. Mueller and Matthew Bunney

Simply Riveting: Broken and Mended Ceramics
Angelika R. Kuettner

Mary Washington's Mended Ceramics: A Study of Eighteenth-Century Glues
Mara Kaktins, Melanie Marquis, Ruth Ann Armitage, and Daniel Fraser

A Harry A. Eberhardt-Repaired Chinese Porcelain Saucer
George L. Miller and Emily Brown

Statistical Evaluation of Analytical Data for Eighteenth-Century American and British Sulphurous Phosphatic Porcelains
J. Victor Owen, John D. Greenough, and Nick Panes

An Eighteenth-Century American True-Porcelain Punch Bowl
Robert Hunter and Juliette Gerhardt

Bonnin and Morris Revisited: The Geochemistry of a True-Porcelain Punch Bowl Excavated in Philadelphia
J. Victor Owen, Joe Petrus, and Xiang Yang

A ComparativeScientific Study of James Morgan and the Kemple Family Stoneware
Johanna R. Bernstein, Arthur F. Goldberg, and Jennifer Mass

A New Bloome
Ivor Noël Hume

The Captain George W. Russell Presentations Pitchers
Robert Hunter and Oliver Mueller-Heubach

Book Reviews

British Ceramics, 1675-1825: The Mint Museum
Review by Remi S. Dyll

A Potted History: Henry Willett's Ceramic Chronicle of Britain
Review by Pat Halfpenny

Art for the People: Decorated Stoneware from the Weitsman Collection
Review by Bonnie Campbell Lilienfeld

"The Endless Possibilities": American Arts and Crafts Tiles from the Two Red Roses Foundation
Review by Michael Padwee

The White Road: Journey into an Obsession
Review by Letitia Roberts

Texas Clay: Nineteenth-Century Stoneware Pottery from the Bayou Bend Collection
Review by Mark Zipp

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