Ceramics in America 2004

Editorial Statement
Robert Hunter

Robert Hunter

The Swan Cove Kiln: Chesapeake Tobacco Pipe Production, Circa 1650 - 1669
Al Luckenbach

Archaeology of a Colonial Pottery Factory: The Kilns of Ceramics of the “Poor Potter” of Yorktown
Norman F. Barka

Yorktown's "Poor Potter": A Man Wise Beyond Discretion
Martha W. McCartney and Edward Ayres

An "A-Marked" Porcelain Covered Bowl, Cherokee Clay, and Colonial America's Contribution to the English Porcelain Industry
W. Ross Ramsay, Judith A. Hansen, and E. Gael Ramsay

The Little Engine That Could: Adaptation of the Engine-Turning Lathe in the Pottery Industry
Jonathan Rickard and Donald Carpentier

The Potters and Pottery of Morgan's Town, Virginia: The Earthenware Years, Circa 1796-1854
Don Horvath and Richard Duez

Bernard Leach in America
Emmanuel Cooper

Henry Remmey & son, Late of New York: A Rediscovery of a Master Potter's Lost Years
Luke Zipp

The Remarkable Stoneware of George N. Fulton, Circa 1856-1894
Kurt C. Russ

A-Hunting We Will Go! from Vauxhall to Lambeth, 1700-1956
Ivor Noël Hume

New Discoveries

New Discoveries - Introduction
Merry Abbitt Outlaw

A New Look at Old Stoneware: The Pottery of Tildon Easton
Barbara H. Magid

James Miller, Lost Potter of Alexandria, Virginia
Brandt Zipp and Mark Zipp

Relatedness and Fluidity among Stoneware Potters of Washington County, Virginia
Christopher T. Espenshade

Jar or Jug? A Handled Stoneware Storage Vessel from the Delaware Valley
William B. Liebeknecht

William Pecker Jar
John Kille

Excavations at the Minton Factory: Shedding New Light on Nineteenth-Century Pottery Kilns
Jonathan Goodwin

If This Pot Could Sing
Al Luckenbach

Robert Werowinski

New Acquisitions at Chipstone
Robert Hunter

A Pernicious Influence? Japanese Water Drop Ware
Mary C. Beaudry

An Investigation into
Lisa Ellis

Sherds of Chinese Porcelain Found at Old Mobile
Linda R. Shulsky

The John Dortch Site: Anglo Elegance on the Spanish Louisana Frontier
Sara A. Hahn

Book Reviews

If These Pots Could Talk: Collecting 2,000 Years of British Household Pottery
Review by Geoffrey Godden

Rudy Autio
Review by Glenn Adamson

Pottery, Politics, Art: George Ohr and the Brothers Kirkpatrick
Review by Ellen Paul Denker

The Legacy of Maria Poveka Martinez
Review by Dwight P. Lanmon

The Traditional Crafts of Porcelain Making in Jingdezhen / Jingdezhen chuantong zhi ci gongyi
Review by William R. Sargent

Staffordshire Potters, 1781–1900: A Comprehensive List Assembled from Contemporary Directories with Selected Marks
Review by Miranda Goodby