Ceramics in America 2023

Robert Hunter

Southern Hoodoo and the Dr. Peter Davis Ring Bottle
Robert Hunter

At the End of a Rope: A Stoneware Jar and Political Frustration 
Elyse D. Gerstenecker, Robert Hunter, and Kurt Russ

John Wesley Carpenter: Tradition, Innovation, and Adaptation in a Shattered Post-Civil War South
Stephen Compton

Geochemical Investigation of a Ceramic Snuff Box: ‘A’-Mark English Porcelain Attribution confirmed
W. Ross Ramsay, Howell G. M. Edwards, Errol Manners, and Ashley Howkins

“From Death to Life”: Slavery and Emancipation in the British West Indies
Daniel S. Sousa

Hidden Histories: The Case of Elijah Lovejoy and the Production of Anti-slavery Ceramics
Neil Ewins

A Chelsea Keramic Art Works Vase with a Portrait of William Lloyd Garrison
James D. Kaufman

Souvenirs of Fantasy: George Ohr’s Clay Tokens  
Ellen J. Lippert

English Delft for Colonial Tavern Tables in King William County and Williamsburg, Virginia
Elizabeth Donison, Ned Rose and Angelika Kuettner

Earth, Fire, and the Abolitionist: The Emancipation of Clay for Social Change
David Mack

A Tale of Two Chinese Porcelain Punch Bowls
Amanda Creekman Isaac and Captain Charles T. Creekman

Family Reunion: The Clay Sculptures of Babette Wainwright
R. Ruthie Dibble