Ceramics in America 2008

Editorial Statement
Robert Hunter

Robert Hunter

The Eighteenth-Century New Jersey Stoneware Potteries of Captain James Morgan and the Kemple Family
Arthur F. Goldberg, Peter Warwick, and Leslie Warwick

New York City Stonewares from the African Burial Ground
Meta F. Janowitz

War and Pots: The Impact of Economics and Politics on Ceramic Consumption Patterns
George L. Miller and Amy C. Earls

Comparative Studies in Anglo-American Ceramic Demand
Neil Ewins

Robert H. Miller, Importer: Alexandria and St. Louis
Barbara H. Magid

Ceramics from the "Blue China" Wreck
Hawk Tolson, Ellen Gerth, and Neil Cunningham Dobson

A Monroe Punch Bowl and American Lithographers in Paris, 1814–1824
Sumpter Priddy III and Joan Quinn

It's Quarter to Twelve...and Way Too Late
Richard Prowse

A Long Way to Lug a Jug
Ivor Noël Hume

"A Magnificent Failure": Ceramic Souvenirs of the 1907 Jamestown Tercentennial Exposition
Sam Margolin

Fit for a Queen
Ivor Noël Hume

New Discoveries

New Discoveries - Introduction
Merry Abbitt Outlaw

A Roman Oil Lamp Illuminates Seventeenth-Century Jamestown
Beverly A. Straube

An Unusual Red Earthenware Capuchine form London
Jacqueline Pearce

Off the Shelf—a Footnote for English Delftware
Troy D. Chappell

Three Incised Mid-Eighteenth-Century Vessels from Philadelphia
Mara Kaktins and David G. Orr

Indian at Stenton: A Trail Left in Slip on a Redware Bowl
Laura C. Keim with David G. Orr

A Sighting of the New Jersey Devil on a Stoneware Jug
Peter Warwick and Leslie Warwick

An Early Long Island Pot
Christopher H. Pickerell

Long Island Teapots?
Anthony W. Butera Jr., Robert S. Kissam, and Reginald H. Metcalf

An Early Anna Pottery Pig Flask
Suzanne Findlen Hood

The Smith/Fulper Stoneware Pottery Site in the Borough of Flemington, New Jersey
William B. Liebeknecht, Nadine Sergejeff, and Rebecca White

The "Filtre Chamberland": A Late-Nineteenth-Century Water Filter
Glenn Farris

Ligowsky's Red Clay "Mud Saucers"
William B. Liebeknecht

A Step Back in Time: Don Carpentier and the Ceramic Workshops at Historic Eastfield Foundation
Merry Abbitt Outlaw

Book Reviews

Harold Holdway, 20th Century Ceramic Designer
Review by Gordon Elliott

The Origin and Development of Bow Porcelain, 1730–1747, Including the Participation of the Royal Society, Andrew Duché, and the American Contribution
Review by Anton Gabszewicz

Painted in Blue: Underglaze Blue Painted Earthenwares, 1775–1810
Review by Robert Hunter

The Historical Archaeology of Pottery: Supply and Demand in the Lower Rhineland, AD 1400–1800; An Archaeological Study of Ceramic Production, Distribution, and Use in the City of Duisburg and Its Hinterland
Review by Taft Kiser

Pots and Potters in Tudor Hampshire
Review by Beverly A. Straube

Mocha and Related Dipped Wares, 1770–1939
Review by Lynne Sussman

Creamware and Pearlware Re-examined
Review by George L. Miller

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