Ceramics in America 2002

Editorial Statement
Robert Hunter

Robert Hunter

A Pot Potpourri
Ivor Noël Hume

Scratched in Clay: Seventeenth-Century North Devon Slipware at Jamestown, Virginia
Merry Abbitt Outlaw

Antique Porcelain 101: A Primer on the Chemical Analysis and Interpretation of Eighteenth-Century British Wares
J. Victor Owen

Parian Porcelain Statuary: American Sculptors and the Introduction of Art in American Ceramics
Ellen Paul Denker

“And Freedom to the Slave”: Antislavery Ceramics, 1787–1865
Sam Margolin

“The Very Man for the Hour”: The Toussaint L’Ouverture Portrait Pitcher
Jonathan Prown, Glenn Adamson, Katherine Hemple Prown, and Robert Hunter

Ceramics from the Edward Rumney/ Stephen West Tavern, London Town, Maryland, Circa 1725
Al Luckenbach

Richard Schalck, Stoneware Potter of Marblehead, Massachusetts
Robert F. Trent

Brown Mugs and Jugs: A Personal Foray into the Field of Collecting
James Glenn

New Discoveries

New Discoveries - Introduction
Merry Abbitt Outlaw

La Vega Cerámica Indo-Hispano—An Early Sixteenth-Century Caribbean Colono-ware
Kathleen Deagan

A Peacock’s Flight . . . Across 100 Years
Beverly A. Straube

Terra Sigillata from a Seventeenth-Century Settlement in Newfoundland
James A. Tuck and Barry Gaulton

The Seventeenth-Century “Lloyd Plate” from the Broadneck Site in Maryland
Al Luckenbach

A Collection of Curious “Canns”
Merry Abbitt Outlaw

A Cache of Eighteenth-Century Flowerpots in Williamsburg
William Pittman and Robert Hunter

The American Foundation of the Chelsea Porcelain Manufactory, 1745–1784
Stephen E. Patrick

Two Eighteenth-Century Vanity Plates
Joyce Hanes

American Export Wares Excavated in Tunstall, Stoke-on-Trent
Jonathan Goodwin

Archaeology at the United States Pottery Company Site in Bennington, Vermont
Catherine Zusy

The Search Continues: New Insights into Old Edgefield Folk Potters
Mark M. Newell

Bombs Away! Unearthing a Cache of Terra Cotta Practice Bombs from the First World War
Richard Veit and Mark Nonestied

Book Reviews

Women and Ceramics: Gendered Vessels
Review by Rita P. Wright

Maiolica in the North: The Archaeology of Tin-Glazed Earthenware in North-West Europe c. 1500–1600
Review by Ivor Noël Hume

The Limehouse Porcelain Manufactory: Excavations at 108–116 Narrow Street, London, 1990
Review by Robert Hunter

Adams Ceramics: Staffordshire Potters and Pots, 1779–1998
Review by Teresita Majewski

Country Pottery: Traditional Earthenware of Britain
Review by Greg Shooner

Imagining Consumers: Design and Innovation from Wedgwood to Corning
Review by Amy C. Earls