Ceramics in America 2021

Robert Hunter

Jingdezhen, China . . . Bantam, Java . . . Jamestown, Virginia: Degrees of Separation for a Porcelain Bowl
Bly Straube

Fit for a Queen: A Chinese Porcelain Bottle Found at Jamestown, Virginia
Merry Outlaw

From China to Virginia: A Dish with a View of the Dutch Folly Fort in Guangzhou
Matthew Reeves and Ronald W. Fuchs II

Art and Ancestry: The Bruce Coleman Perkins Collection of Chinese Armorial Porcelain
Bruce Coleman Perkins

English Creamware in Revolutionary Era America
L. Daniel Mouer and Deborah L. Miller

“He in Glory, America in Tears”: Jacob Perkins, Washington Funeral Medal, and Liverpool Jugs
Adam Erby

The Thames Tunnel Inkwell
John Ault

Tribute to an Unsung Hero
Sam Margolin

The Eighteenth-Century Stoneware of Ashbel Wells Jr. of Hartford, Connecticut, Revealed
Robert Hunter

The Little Pottery of Charlestown, Massachusetts
Lorraine German

Newly Discovered Examples from DuVal’s Richmond Stoneware Manufactory
Robert Hunter

The Invisible American Potter: Potter: Justus Morton of Brantford, Ontario
Sylvia Lovegren-Petras

Coincidental Attribution
Jonathan Rickard and Donald Carpentiert

A Study in Rhythm: The Stoneware of David Stuempfle
Robert Hunter with David Stuempfle